Saturday, October 9, 2010

Old identity

Somehow the day ended 30 minutes ago, and I didn't post a picture. So maybe we can just pretend that I'm in California, and it's still Saturday....

This morning I helped mom paint the living room for a few hours, and then I hit the outlets with Winter for the rest of the day. My wardrobe has seriously diminished over the past few years. Living in Texas, where it doesn't get cold, and living out in the country when the only day I don't wear jeans and t-shirts were Sundays, made it easy to save money by not buying new clothes (except for an occasional $5 shirt). Now that we are moving back to Holland, I get to
take back my old identity. The one who wore stylish clothes, and make-up daily. The one where high heels and cute sweater greatly outnumbered ratty old t-shirts and crocs. I'm ready for that change!

Joe's cousin Bethany introduced me to Ann Taylor while we were vacationing in Branson. At first I thought those clothes were too dressy/fancy for me, but today I was loving their offerings. I found some great black slacks (which have been missing from my wardrobe for way too long), wool trousers, patent leather high heels, and dressy sweater. I also bought a cute gray wool peacoat. However, later when I was in the J Crew a few doors down, I fell in love
with another wool coat. This one black, and longer, and cuter, and of course... more expensive. I decided that the only sensible thing to do, was to buy that one too, and let my MIL help me decide which one to keep. By the time I made it home to model the coats, I had successfully convinced myself that the extra $40 was worth it for the one I really love. After all, I know I'll wear that coat for at least the next 10 years (speaking from experience).
So here it is, for the picture of the day. Don't pay attention to my unmatching pajama pants, or tired hair and face. Look at the fabulous lines of the coat!


Nancy Sabina said...

That is a fabulous coat!

Wendy said...

I'll say!
and you'll need it in good old nederland!

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