Sunday, October 10, 2010

Proud or Ashamed

I can't decide which one of those words best describes the circumstances surrounding this photo
Ashamed; because today was the first time these strings were plucked in 9 months
Proud; because these strings were plucked today.

There are no good reasons why this instruments has been sitting in a corner, under a cover for so long. It's not that I don't like to play. Somehow, that big black elephant sits in the room, and goes unnoticed. Sometimes, all it takes is a request at church for a musical number. I am grateful for those requests, because I'd hate to think how long it would sit untouched if it wasn't for them.

Since the length of our move to Holland is so uncertain, and the cost of taking the harp so great, we've decided to leave it here, and reassess towards the end of Joe's school. If we find a good job in Europe, we'll have it shipped over. If we move back to the US, we saved ourselves a bunch of money and "just" a year without playing. But on days like today, I wonder whether I'll regret this plan..


Nancy Sabina said...

I didn't know a job in Europe was a possibility you guys were thinking about. Exciting for you...sad for us.

Majo said...

What makes you think the people in church in Holland won't make these requests ? :)

F.y.i. the cost when we had it shipped over to you was the amount of another airfare ticket.

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