Friday, October 8, 2010

Religion talk

Why is it that when I talk to a non-member about my religion, that I get so nervous? I know all the answers, yet sometimes it's all really hard to explain. Tonight I had a great discussion with my new friend Diana and her husband about the gospel. I'm mormon (as most of you know) and have been all my life. In high school, only about 3 members attended my school. Maybe I didn't talk about my religion, or most people just didn't care too much. Then of course at BYU, 99% of the people I was in contact with, were also mormon, or knew a lot about the church already. Moving to Boise kept me safely in my bubble.

Here in Texas I've mostly stayed in my bubble as well, until I moved back to Plano a few months ago. I've made several new friends through athletics and school. Diana came to book club a few weeks ago, and since then we've gotten together a few times and really clicked. Another new friend I've made is Lupin from the bus stop. Her son goes to school with Ginger, so we see each other twice a day, every weekday. Lupin is Muslim. She's the first Muslim I've really gotten to know, and it's been very interesting becoming more knowledgeable about her religion.

All of these religious discussions have made me more aware of the beliefs I have, and how they are similar or different from others. It has also made me realize that I should be able to more easily answer the common questions non-members might ask me, since they are usually the same. Hopefully tonight I didn't come over as a complete schmuck, and was able to explain my beliefs in a sensible manner.

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Stillman and Michelle said...

The most fascinating class I took was a world Religion class through the institute. It was so interesting to see that all the religions that I thought were so foreign were actually not far off from what we believe.

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