Saturday, October 2, 2010


I never thought I'd see my mother-in-law's house look like this
The kitchen remodel started and progressed fast, at first. We got the cabinets painted just 2 days after we decided to start. Then the granite came in a few more days after that. However, since that, we've had a few snags. After the new texture was put on the wall, and they were primed, we found that the texture needed to be redone. That added an extra 3 days. (flatten texture, new texture, and primer) The ceilings also needed some drywall repairs, which is why these "cocoons" were set up. Generally I function fairly well in chaos, but only if the chaos is organized. It has gotten to the point that items have been misplaced, or simply can't be reached through the construction. All we can do right now is keep working, and hopefully soon the mess can get smaller rather than bigger.

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