Monday, September 6, 2010


I got a new MacBook pro! It's beautiful! It was my reward/payment for my real estate services. Selling your own home is a lot of work. With the closing sheet in hand, and comparing it to the closing sheet from when we bought the house, the sellers costs were significantly lower. $15,000 lower! There's that realtor fee for you. So instead of paying a realtor, I did all the work and rewarded myself with this laptop that only cost a fraction of that $15,000. And I'm happy!

Now that we've closed the chapter of the "farm", we can look forward and move on. We have just a few months to get ready for the big move to Holland. There's some researching to do, but nothing too intense. The kids are in school. Ginger in preschool and the others in elementary. I'm doing things that other moms do now. I signed up to volunteer at the school. All 3 kids are signed up for extracurricular activities

Winter: Gymnastics
Sterling: Cub Scouts
Ginger: Ballet/Tap

On top of keeping up with the kids, I'm now watching grandma twice a week (all day). And now I've also taken on another voluntary full-time job: my blurb book. I decided to make a book for the "Texas years". It might have to become a 2 set volume, but I'm determined to get it done before we depart across the ocean. If I finish the pages for 1 month, every day, I should be able to get it done in the next 2 months. That will give me a good goal, where I can slip up and still reach it!


angela michelle said...

I did a blurb book for 2008 and I'm still working on 2009's. I finally figured out a way to change the font for the whole book (if you don't want the font on the template you chose) so let me know if you need to do that!

Nancy Sabina said...

Sounds like a great reward. I "made" a Blub book, but then decided it was too small and never paid to have it printed. I need to re-do it with a larger size book. Good luck with your goal!

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