Sunday, September 12, 2010

Need a woman's advice

So I found some laptop bags that are very cute. I've been trying to get my husband to help me decide which one to get, but he's of no help at all!

Basically, there are 4 bags to choose from. They're all about the same size. Two of them have 3 main compartments,
the other two have only 2 main compartments.
I prefer the outside look of the bags with 2 compartments, but I'd prefer to have 3 main compartments.

Then there's the issue of color. Initially I was going for the basic black. Now I'm considering the dark brown. (each bag is available in both black and brown)

I will put up a poll. Will you please vote?!?

Bag #1 "Emanuele"
2 main compartments
Bag #2 "Serra"
2 main compartments
Bag #3 "Fegina"
3 main compartments
Bag #4 "Molinelli"
3 main compartments
So please vote on the right hand side of the blog! I value your opinions!!!

1 comment:

Mary Elizabeth Liberty said...

they just all look so big!! My shoulder hurts just looking at that slender little lady. But I guess you wouldn't be commuting with it or anything, so I vote for bag#4

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