Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stash it

We have been living in a state of chaos in the past week. Ever since we moved into Liz's house, we have been too busy to really put everything away. Luckily Joe's parents have been gone for the past week, so his mom hasn't had a heart attack yet. But they come home today. It's crunch time now.

Part of the problem are the numerous boxes of Ebay items. We sold a bunch of stuff on Ebay before we moved, but then Joe moved out of his shop, and more items started appearing. I'm not very good at keeping my house perfectly clean, but I can tell that messes have a direct impact on my psyche. I get irritated, nervous, and generally in a bad mood when things clutter my line of sight.

The other part of the problem is, that we are trying to move from a 2300 Square feet home, into about 200 square feet of space. Sure, we got rid of a lot of things, but you still have some stuff. My biggest challenge is where to put my "office stuff". Papers and such. And to put them away in such a way, that they don't appear to create clutter.

So we keep trying to find hiding place to stash our things away, and also wonder how the heck we'll manage to move to Holland with just suitcases. That will be whole new challenge!

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Nancy Sabina said...

We just put Mom and Dad on a plane, so you better stash fast! Poor Dad with his bad back... I feel terrible for returning them to you in worse shape than I got them.

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