Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Too much

Today was kind of rough. I was feeling a little better this morning, so I thought it wouldn't be that big a deal to make some bread. I have a mixer, so I don't have to knead by hand, and mostly you just have to throw the ingredients together, and let it rise, etc. Well, as I was putting them in the oven, I could tell I had overdone it. The rest of the day I've just been stuck to the couch. 

I was able to get a bunch of laundry folded (I do that on the couch anyways), and learned a lot about the law. Just kidding... I spent several hours watching daytime TV, including a lot of people's court. Some of those folks are very ignorant!  What? You don't have to pay for the vet bill when your dog attacks another dog, because you told that other person not to bring the dog on that street? Idiots! 

Being kind of limited in movement, I haven't made it outside. I have been dying to check on my garden to kill weeds and generally check on the plants. The rain has been so crazy here lately, that I haven't been able to spray insecticide for bugs yet, and as of Saturday, my pepper plants had some bug holes in the leaves. As soon as these storms let up, and I start feeling better, I'll have to do bug control and fertilizing. This year I am determined to have a successful garden!


UnkyJosh said...

So how do you kill weeds? I just pull them out, but in the process of tilling my garden, I planted some weeds a foot deep, and they actually grew from there. Those ones are very hard to remove permanently, so I would like to hear your technique.

Jessica said...

Josh- I pull all the little ones. The ones that come from really deep, I'll either try to pull (without success), or I'll spray those with roundup. Now that I've gotten rid of most of the large ones, I just go in once a week to pull all the little ones. I am thinking about using roundup for the grass though, because it just takes forever to pull every single blade of grass

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