Sunday, May 17, 2009

Girls Night

My friend Anja put together a girls night last night. She invited ladies from our ward to come over to her house and just hang out, chat, and eat good food. It was so nice to get out of the house, and have some time with girls. When we lived in Idaho, we had girl time, all the time. Whether it was for bookclub, volleyball, staying overnight in a hotel, lunch at the park, or playgroup, there were plenty of opportunities to be with other women my age. Not so much here.

There was a good turnout with 10 women. Everyone brought some yummy food, we had sandwiches, fruit, dips, and desserts. Conversation topics were all over the place, from lead poisoning to college, and some things unmentionable. We also had fun pulling Terese out of the mud. She has several 4x4 trucks, but she only realized after she pulled off the road that this particular truck did NOT have 4x4.
Rosanna didn't want to be photographed, but she didn't realize I had gotten a picture of her WAY before she realized it. And I think I captured a pretty classic Rosanna expression Teresa was posing

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Nancy Sabina said...

There's just nothing as refreshing as a good girl's night out (or in). I'm glad you have some good friends to hang out with.

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