Sunday, November 4, 2007

Back to work

Yesterday I had to make a very difficult decision: Play volleyball, or work on the house. Even though I was very tempted to go play volleyball and win the Dallas regional church volleyball competition, I decided to make the responsible decision and work at the house.
All the tile was broken out, and we were left with a whole bunch of cement glue/grout. So we went to Home Depot and rented an electric hammer/chisel. It took 9 solid hours to brake it all out. At the end we figured the best way to get it all up, was to have me vacuum an area looking for leftover grout, and when I found a spot, for Joe to get it up. I kind of felt like an assistant to a dentist... you know... when they stick that vacuum in your mouth. We are all very sore from this task, but also very happy to be done with it. It's fun to reflect back on all the work we have done, especially because that makes the work ahead seem not quit as bad.

The other fun thing was that Sterling caught 4 fish in our lake. Joe was very jealous, as he hasn't been able to catch anything yet. Unfortunately I haven't really had a chance to do any fishing myself, but I did witness the slaughter ( and managed to save 1 fish's life by convincing Joe to throw it back).


angela michelle said...

Yay Sterling! Hey, I think that's the first pic you guys have posted that shows the landscape. We need to see the house exterior too!

Nancy Sabina said...

I second Ang - we need a whole photo-tour! Inside and out! I can't wait to come and see for myself but it might be a while, so in the meantime - throw us a bone!

Maddy S said...

You are tag! Go to my blog and read the rules. It's fun!

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