Thursday, December 27, 2012

The wedding

The big day is finally here, and we have to get started early. Setting jet lag and a sleepless night with a confused baby aside, we had to get up before the crack of dawn. Had to get myself dressed and hair done before getting Emma ready
 The set up in the living room
 Wendy was in charge of Emma's hair. Luckily I had brought my super powerful awesome curling iron. As Wendy was styling the hair, I curled it
 Getting her make-up professionally done
 The dress is on, and Emma is soooo excited!
 Miles slept through all of it, and got up just in time for Daan to come pick up Emma
 I spent the morning with Emma during their photoshoot. I wish I could have gotten some shots myself, but I was busy making sure her dress and hair looked perfect for the photos. The photographer had a ton of professional equipment that made me drool with envy. At noon she married at the city hall of Leiden.
 Miles got bored with sitting on my lap, and was crawling around and making way too much noise. But he looked cute doing it in his little suit. I wish I had gotten some pictures of him in his suit and me in my outfit. I think the photographer did, but who knows if I'll ever see those...
 The day was jammed packed with one event to the next, all seemingly in different cities. After the civil marriage, her temple marriage was in Zoetermeer. Then we were off to a family dinner at a cute Italian restaurant. They showed the perfect example of bad customer service that Dutch companies never fail to provide. I asked for a high chair for Miles. They only had 2 in the whole place, and another customer had apparently reserved them both. Instead of apologizing and trying to help, all they could say was that if we would have just reserved one, they could have had everything ready for me.  No compassion at all.

After dinner we hurried over to the reception in Den Haag. Tons of family and friends were there, and it was the best way to catch up with everyone all at once. I was so happy to see my family that I rarely get to see, especially my cousins from Switzerland. At the end of the night the happy couple ran off through the rain to their honeymoon. And man, was I happy to get out of my shoes!

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Nancy Sabina said...

She looked beautiful! (And I can't believe you kept your shoes on the entire time!)

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