Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Christmas this year was shorter than normal, with my departure for Emma's wedding on Christmas day. So we had our fancy dinner on Christmas Eve. We had an easy turkey dinner, without the production of 100 different dishes. Just the basics: Turkey, potatoes, corn, asparagus, and bread. And the turkey was delicious! 
 The turkey's carcass was even bigger than Coco!
 Of course Christmas isn't complete without some Pogacha! I also wanted to bake some to bring to my little sister Emma
 Santa came and filled our stockings
 Presents were in abundance. This year I did a new thing for the kids: Something they want, need, wear, and read. This made shopping so much easier, and also easier to keep somewhat to a budget.
 Of course we also got spoiled by Joe's parents, who gave us some great homemade gifts. Earl made us homemade pens made from the same wood that Miles' cradle is made from. Liz hand embroidered a sweet picture for Miles with all of his birth details. The girls got bracelets with little pieces from wedding dresses and jewelry.

We took the traditional picture of us on the stairs, but I have to say that it doesn't look quite right without the garland that usually adorns the railings (at the in-laws house)
 I just love this picture of Miles. He's just sitting in the middle of the floor. Not sure what he's doing, but it portrays him perfectly.

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