Thursday, August 23, 2012

End of summer / beginning of school

 As the new school year has officially begun, I can take a deep breath and look back at our summer. It was pretty laid back, with only one trip to California. We kept ourselves busy around Midway.  Winter participated in cheer, to get ready for the football season. She had a lot of fun doing it, and even got to cheer in the Heber Parade

 When Joe was around, he worked on projects with the kids, including building a bird house with Ginger. Ginger goes out to the backyard daily to check if any birds have moved in yet. No luck so far.
 Miles decided he was a big boy, and learned to sit up all alone just before turning 6 months.
 My big kids still like to build castles and dig holes in the sand. I wonder how much longer that will last
 It won't be long before Sterling will be at my eye level!
 Ginger is still a very girly girl. She loves pink, and her flowery sandals. However, she also takes after her dad and loves to go moutain biking with him.
 We went for a little campfire picnic with the Calderwoods at Whiskey Springs just days before it went up in flames.
 We day-camped with the Judds up in the high Uintahs for a day. Tiffani sure knows how to get Miles to giggle!
So here they are the morning of their first day of school. 
Winter starts 5th grade at Timpanogos Intermediate school in Heber. As I dropped her off she gave me a hug, and I couldn't help but wonder if that's the last time she'll ever give me a hug on the first day at school in the middle of the schools hallway

Sterling starts 4th grade at Midway elementary. He's turning into quite the cool kid, who even wants me to spike up his faux hawk.

Ginger is starting 1st grade, which means she'll be at school all day. She's excited to eat lunch at school, and gets to walk to and from school all alone (with Sterling)

So now Miles and I have the house to ourselves. It's very quiet in here. And when I clean something up, it stays clean! That is, until the kids get home from school. Winter said she will miss hanging out with Miles all day, and I'm sure Miles feels the same way.

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