Friday, August 3, 2012

Best head of hair

I realize my blog has become somewhat Miles oriented, but he's just changing so much and of course uber cute. Wasatch County hosts a large fair every year, and this year also a baby contest. Babies between 0-36 months go head to head in several categories. Most of these don't really apply to Miles (like a crawling race), but the perfect category for Miles is: "Best head of hair". He has the best hair by far of all my kids. He is also entered into the "Stud and Stunner Beauty Pageant", and Photo Contest. With this contest in mind, we took this 6 month picture

He was pretty fussy, but time was limited. We didn't get a smile, but I actually think this look is cuter anyways. Not sure what he was thinking, but maybe something along the lines of: These people are completely crazy, what kind of family have I ended up in? 


Polly said...

Baby Miles is such a handsome boy! Hope he wins, I mean, look at that face, I have no doubt about it!

angela michelle said...

Oh it's Miles' turn for a Miles-oriented blog! He is getting cuter all the time.

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