Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Signing potty

With Ginger I did some baby sign language, which helped a lot to prevent tantrums. With Miles I'm starting him at an even younger age of just 6 months. He's not signing anything back yet, but I can tell he understands what I'm saying. When I sign "milk" for example, he starts smiling and laughing (or freaking out if he's really hungry) Apparantly babies will start signing back as young as 6-9 months, so hopefully he and I can communicate soon.

And then there's this

Yep, I bought Miles a toilet seat. Of course we've all seen the babies with that silly "poop grin" on their faces. They have to work extra hard to get their business into a diaper that's smashed up against their bum. So when he smiled like that the other day, I decided to just sit him on the toilet and see what happened. He wasn't a big fan of the hard toilet seat, so the next time I was at wally world I grabbed him a contoured cushioned toilet seat. Since we've had it in the house, he's already peed in the toilet 4 times, and pooped twice. It's so silly and yet also super exciting. Maybe he'll soon learn to sign "potty" to me, and we won't even need to do diaper laundry anymore. Can you imagine? I can't!

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Maddy S said...

Wow,that would be so cool. You'll have to write an update soon with good news. :)

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