Monday, April 9, 2012

Sick sucks

In my quest to get back into shape NOW, I didn't listen to my body and overdid it. And came down with a bad case of mastitis. The fever, chills and body aches were bad enough, but the pounding headaches put me over the top. Of course our bodies always "choose" to get sick during the weekend when regular doctors are with their families, so off to the 5-minute clinic we were. It didn't take the doctor long to diagnose mastitis, and the infection was bad enough that he wanted to get antibiotics into me faster with an IV. There I lay in a dark exam room while Joe took the kids to the local easter egg hunt.

The ibuprofen was doing its job and making me feel half-alive, so I insisted, against doctors advice and Joe's common sense to take the girls to the BYU ballroom dance concert. They had worked hard for several weeks helping out around the house and being extra nice to earn their way to see this. Plus, I've practically waited 11 years to go see that show again. I was in this show while I was at BYU, and wanted to enjoy the dancing and do some reminiscing. So Joe drove us to Provo, I hauled myself into the building and wished about half-way through the performance that it would be over already. Not the best experience. By the time we made it back home and I could get some more meds into my system, I was wishing I'd listened to my ever wise husband.

I'm so grateful for modern medicine, especially pain killers. Why feel miserable when you can feel half-decent? Especially if you can discipline yourself and stay in bed even when you feel okay. The next few days were spent in bed, and my body is slowly working its way back to health. Now the big question is; how can I make sure I don't repeat this situation? I still want to work out, but definitely don't want to be set back a whole week again. Plus, Miles is almost old enough to take to the local gyms babysitting, so I better stay better.

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