Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Informational flyers

These first 2 days of work have taught me to take my boss seriously when he warns me there will be "down times". The center for Youth and Family is a fairly new organization, and just moved to their new location. These 2 facts combined, cause for a very quiet building. 6 organizations combined make this one organization. 3 of those will be in our building. For right now there are maybe 7 employees at the building. And no visitors. And I don't have my computer yet. Or a phone. Or any office supplies or trash can. So the past 2 days have been spent reading any and all informational materials that are available in the waiting room. I've learned where I can go with issues about raising kids, services for problem groups, and information I'd rather not talk about on my blog.

Today I thought I would be smart and bring my own computer, which didn't help much since I didn't have internet. I did try to play a game of chess with my computer, but seeing that I have absolutely NO idea what the rules are, that didn't really work out. Towards the end of the afternoon, the lady from the vaccinations place asked me if I'd mind making them coffee every day. After expressing my lack in experience in such matters, I told her I'd be happy to. Anything beats nothing.

But don't get me wrong. I think I'll enjoy my job. I think I'll be able to keep busy once I have a computer and phone. And I'll start bringing some backup options for those times when I truly don't have a thing to do. The hours are perfect. And the other employees are nice enough. Did I mention they are all 50-60 year old ladies? I fit right in!

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Nancy Sabina said...

I hate, hate, hate being "at work" but not having enough to do. Hang in there!
My very first boss, when I was 15, kept asking me to make coffee and I kept telling him that I had no idea how so could he please tell me and he kept insisting that I could figure it out. And then I broke the coffee maker. And after that he believed me and never asked me to make it again - but he never would just teach me how to do it!

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