Monday, May 9, 2011


Ever since Justin was taken away (by a nice lady), I have been missing him. I never thought of myself of a dog person until Justin. For the past few weeks I have been thinking about getting a new dog. But this one would have to be an inside dog. And therefore smaller, much smaller. While visiting Carla, I fell in love with her Chihuahua Cloé. Just as most people, I had prejudices on Chihuahuas. There not really dogs. They just wear silly clothes, and hang out in purses. They shiver all day long. And any others that come to your mind. But after getting to know Cloé, I realized Chihuahua's are just as much dogs as Anatolian Shepherds. Just in a smaller format. And they can be trained to run along a bike. And go naked like all dogs should (except maybe in the winter when she might freeze to death without a coat).

So I hunted the internet for suitable puppies. So many of the "Chihuahuas" actually were mixed breeds, or had ugly coloring. Coco stood out for me. She has unique coloring, and only 2 brothers (a small nest usually means a small momma). We made the hour drive, in a car without A/C on the warmest day of the year. The previous owner grabbed her, less than gently, from the playpen, and she just wanted to hide in a corner. Although I was worried about getting a super calm and scared puppy, I saw her potential.
A few hours after coming home, she suddenly switched from a calm and scared puppy, to a playful, funny, and loving puppy. She is so quick! And loves to play with little rubber cat toys. Everything is XXS sized. Her food, and her poop. Having a puppy does take some getting used to, especially with the waking during the night, constant need for eagle eyes (to see when she might need to go potty), and absurd amount of attention from complete strangers. We have lived in Holland for 4 months, but I've met more people the past 2 days than the previous months combined.

The weather was amazing, so Sunday afternoon we joined the masses on a bike ride to the local recreational lake, for Coco's first outing


Anonymous said...

soo cute!

auntie Bea said...

't Is een snoepie om te zien.

Nancy Sabina said...

I know you guys all miss your animals, so I think this is great. She's a little city-dog!

Maddy S said...

I just want to kiss that cute puppy. So adorable.

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