Wednesday, May 25, 2011


An "avondvierdaagse" is a massive event that is organized by practically every city in Holland. It was started in 1940, and except for WWII, has been held every year ever since. Masses of people join together, and walk for 4 days in 1 week. The distance depends on the skill level of the walker. Most elementary kids walk 5km each day, some older kids 10km.

As a kid I remember walking and singing along the way. It was always hard, but more importantly, it was fun. Fun to walk with friends, eat treats, and sing. I haven't seen the medaillions I earned in years, but trust myself to never have thrown them out. It's a big accomplishment.

My kids were a little apprehensive at first, and even after the first day, they complained about being tired and wondering why I would have said it would be fun. I reminded them of all the smiles I saw on their faces along the way, and the friendships they strengthened. The second day was a bit easier on everyone. The kids even thought the walk was shorter. At the end of the 2nd day I found out that 1 day can be skipped, without loosing the reward.

Although I probably should have made a lesson about doing everything you can, I opted to stay home and rest on the couch. Work is seriously cutting into my napping time, and my body is exhausted. It turns out 6.5 hours of sleep per night is not enough for my body. On top of that I've been battling with crazy allergies, and the allergy pills don't seem to help one bit.

Today is the last day, and also a very busy day at work. Today is the official opening of the new location of the CJG. It's a child-centered business, so there will be face painting, jumphouse, DJ, and a rap competition. Since it's after school time, I will pick up the kids, and bring them to the opening. Right after that we have to go to the final walk for the avondvierdaagse, so it won't be until late tonight that I'll be able to pack and clean for our trip to Milan. That a whole other story!
Decorating Shirts with their school's name
Crazy fun during the break
Coco and I should get a medallion too!
Sterling's hoodie was the perfect hangout spot for Coco.
Although, it did mean Sterling constantly has a swarm of kids around him
The last day was the first day it rained. And the first day Ginger fell flat on her face.
I'm so proud of my kids' accomplishment finishing their first Avondvierdaagse


Nancy Sabina said...

Sounds like a cool tradition. ...But that face painting looks a little freaky!

Mom said...

I hope you know that I haunt the web for posts from you and everyone else. Everyone has been a little lacks lately and Nancy even posted and said I had made a snarky comment about her lack of posts. All I said was that I missed it when I didn't see them coming through. I love them! And for you I think they are a great journal of this special time in your life. Keep 'up coming.

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