Monday, March 21, 2011

Personal Progress

As a Young Woman, I kind of, sort of, participated in "My personal progress". This is a program that the church sets up to help young women become strong, faithful women, moms, and wives. I saw this program as a big pain, and ultimately stopped after the first year or two. What I failed to see, was that these projects could build a strong foundation for a testimony. Now that I'm 15 years further in life, I can clearly see how my participation in this program could have saved me a lot of heartache, struggle, and doubts. To this day I see women with strong testimonies, and wonder to myself how they could be so strong. They must have done Personal Progress.

But enough wallowing about my failed efforts in the past; now that I am a Young Women's leader, it's so important to be a strong example. And I can only do that by participating doing my own personal progress along with the girls. I know that if I do, my testimony will grow, and good habits will form. So that's the goal!


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Nancy Sabina said...

Awesome! I actually did do it in my youth, but it's changed a bit since then and I was thinking of doing it again along with my Young Women - especially since I am the leader in charge of PP in our Ward right now.

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