Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lil' sis

With the limited amount of blogging I've done since we've lived in Holland, I shamefully recognize that I haven't done one single post about Emma. Emma is my much younger sister (11 year my junior). When I left for BYU, she was Sterling's age. We didn't really get the chance to get to know each other on a personal level, until she lived in Boise for a year in 2005. But even then, she was still in the middle of her teenage years, and we really only saw each other occasionally. I was still "the big sister".

As soon as we started spending time together a few months ago, it was plainly obvious that we are kindred spirits. We have the same humor, ideas, and even seem to read each others' thoughts. Almost like we've been best friends for our whole lives. She is living with my dad right now, which we pass every day on our way to the kids' school. Emma is a full-time students, but there have been days where I was able to jump on her when she was sleeping in, or ring the doorbell until she finally came down after 10 minutes. Emma loves being a tante to my kids, and has treated each of them to individual "dates" with her. Of course, after they each had their turn, I got jealous and demanded a sleepover of my own.

The best part about living so close to Emma, is that we see each other so often, that it's not a special occasion when we do. However, it remains a treat every time. Especially because I know she could be spending her time with any of her other awesome friends. The special times are when we talk about boys, take silly pictures, or watch Prison Break together. I realize how special these times are, especially because I KNOW we won't always live a 10 minute bike ride away. So I try to soak up as much Emma time as humanly possible. Some pictures of the past few months with Emma

A warm welcome at the airport
Helping me put together an Ikea bookshelf which serves as our food storage/pantry
Helping with the less glorious tasks such as recycling
Video chatting with our other sister on the other side of the ocean
During Winter's sleepover date
During MY sleepover date
Celebrating Sterling's birthday at Ikea
Being silly with the laptop camera, tonight when Emma just came over for dinner and a relaxing evening at home
I am so happy to have this time go spend with, and get to know my littlest sister Emma. We have become best friends, and I will cherish these memories for the rest of my life. An added bonus: the kids get to have a super cool aunt to adores them.


Maddy S said...

That's just great you get that time with your little sister. She's just as adorable as you. It's like she's your twin. Also like you said how fun she gets to spoil and bond with your kids.

Nancy Sabina said...

That's exactly how I feel about having Ruthie close to us right now. Although she is a little further away (30 minutes) so it sounds like we dont get to see her as often as you see Emma. Those are special relationships.

Emma said...

I Love you soooo much! <3

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