Monday, December 14, 2009

Life's good

I realize that both the quality and quantity of my posts have gone significantly down. See, I've just been busy with other (funner) things. Instead of spending hours on my computer, I spend hours laughing with friends. Instead of pouring my creativity in writing, I pour it into making Christmas presents. I have been baking a lot (trying to get a good taai taai recipe). I read books. Play with our new Wii and Wii fit, until I can't walk anymore. Practice my harp for church harp gigs. etc etc. After all of that, I'm pretty exhausted, and would rather take a nap than take the time to think of a fun way to write about my life. In other words; life's good!


Renée Campbell said...

Laughing with friends is the best! I'm so grateful for you lady!

Ruthie said...

Thats exactly how I feel most of the time! Whenever people complain to me about not blogging, I'm just going to point them to this post. okay? Not that blogging is a bad thing, I just agree that most of the time I'd rather do something else.

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