Saturday, December 5, 2009

The end

Man, am I glad this week is almost over! I had the creche performance tonight, which I was pretty nervous about. I hadn't practiced as much as i should have, so when I got an extra hour to practice at the church, I was very relieved.

Not so much relieved about our suburban breaking down though.... Luckily I have great friends to help me out in a pinch. Gangsta Barbie drove my harp home, and Joe and the kids got home in Mama Barbie's car. We're just really hoping it's not a $2000 transmission repair. Man, I hate older cars. (unbelievable that our sub is already almost 10 years old). Tomorrow is the first day that I get to do fun stuff that I WANT to do. Some baking, sewing, sleeping in, and partying with our friends. Why does sleeping always end up at the end of my to do list? It should be the first thing!

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Majo said...

Ik zou denken dat je het ook heel leuk vindt om harp te spelen (tenzij je natuurlijk van tevoren echt veel te weinig hebt geoefend) Hopelijk lezen diegenen voor wie je gespeeld hebt jouw berichtjes niet.

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