Monday, December 7, 2009

Damaged in Transit

I'm not really in the mood to blog, probably because of the series of unfortunate events that have unfolded. First, our suburban broke down. Therefore, in order to get my harp down to Richardson to play on Sunday, my friend Tracey had to pick it up in her car. Her car's metal seat holders apparently stick up higher than the ones in ours. As we were putting the harp in, the top hit one of them, and a chunk of the column broke off. I didn't actually notice until Sunday morning, right before I was supposed to perform. I wanted to cry, scream, curse, etc. All I could do though, was put on a brave face, and perform as best as I could. This whole scenario made me reconsider my future "free" peformances. It's always a big risk to move the harp, and no one will pay if it gets damaged but me. The only upside is that we still have the piece that broke off, so hopefully a professional instrument repairman/builder can make it look good. I'm too ashamed to even post a picture of the damage!


Renée Campbell said...

Jessica, while I love the music when you are performing, I completely think it is a good idea to not do these "free" performances. For goodness sakes it's not like moving a clarinet! That is such a bummer that it broke. ((hugs))

skideewink said...

Oh I am so sorry for the Harp and the Suburban. Trails come in all sizes, just remember your talents where given to yuo for a reason. With that said, let's get a marketing plan together for you! Big warm hugs for you my friend. What can we do to make you feel better, beside the obvious.

skideewink said...

opps that is trials not trails :)

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