Monday, November 1, 2010

Sugar high

Halloween is a pain, but I survived!! Not a small feat. There was temptation all around, but through some miracle I manage to only have 1 kitkat, 1 twix, and 1 roll of smarties. See, I'm on this thing again, where I try to (for the most part) eat only healthy stuff --yes, dark chocolate IS healthy!!

That's not the important part though. The important part is that we survived the costume drama, sugar-high children, and black baths.
Winter waited until 15 minutes before the trunk-or-treat to decided she did in fact want to get dressed up. She had borrowed a different costume from her friend last week, but returned it to that friend on Wednesday without informing me. With some last-minute help from Grandma, we pulled together a Snow White. See how the dress is somewhat short? That's because it's Ginger-sized. She pulled off the black hair very well!
For Sterling I was a litte more prepared. He decided to be a vampie bat last weekend, and borrowed the bat shirt from the Morphises. I actually went to wally world to complete the costume with black pants, black face paint, black hair spray, and vampire teeth.
Ginger was by far the easiest to please. She just wanted to be a princess. A dress, makeup, and some glitter later we had ourselves a princess. If only they were all that easy to please!
For the most part we celebrated Halloween on Saturday, since actual Halloween was on Sunday. However, Winter's friend invited her over to go trick or treating. So last night Winter and I snuck out together. She borrowed her friend's costume, and became a leopard.
What to do with the mountains of candy?
The first few years I would ration the candy. 2 pieces a day, or whatever. This didn't work for me, because it drags out the candy practically until Thanksgiving. So a few years ago, I made a new rule: You can eat as much candy as you want/can, for 1 day. At the end of that day, everything that's left is going into the trash.
I like this new method. The kids are only on a sugar high for 1 day. There's no continual whining about when they can have their pieces of candy for the day. And I don't get tempted to steal their candy either.
Sterling told me it was wasting candy to throw it in the trash. But I think it's wasting your body to eat it.

disclaimer; by no means am I perfect at resisting sugar and other temptations. It just happens to be, that this particular weekend I did good, and I'm giving myself a little pat on the back.

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Nancy Sabina said...

That's a pretty awesome bat!

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