Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Big changes

Okay, so every since my "picture a day" ended I have been a slacker again. I was really hoping to have started a new habit with that, but good habits are hard to form, I guess. So the last few weeks I've been busy trying to get everything ready for Holland. The most annoying thing I've had to do, is getting all sorts of documents ready, and sent off.

This morning I headed to the INS to get a certified copy of my naturalization certification. I figured if I went early, it would be faster for traffic and also waiting time. Since I got my citizenship while still in Boise, I had not been to the local INS office. Traffic WAS great, and the line WAS short. However, it seems like I was doomed to get assigned to the slowest INS worker in history. The lady that was supposed to be helping me, even started helping some other people, twiddle her thumbs, and generally just walked around for no reason. Finally after 45 minutes, I finally got my 2 certified copies.

Now with Thanksgiving just a week away, I realize how numbered our days in the US are. It's exciting, but also scary. Big changes are coming!

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Wendy said...

It's still so weird for me.

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