Thursday, November 11, 2010


My to do list is too large! All the different legal processes need official documents, apostille stamps, bank statements, bank transfers, acceptance letters, applications, employer letters, passport copies etc etc etc.
To minimize my anxiety level, I've made "sticky notes" all over my desktop on my computer. Still, some things take time, and I'm starting to get stressed that I won't be able to get everything done. Next week I have an appointment with INS to get certified true copies of my naturalization certificate (so I can renew my Dutch passport). We are also in the middle of negotiations with the renters of our new house in Holland. We are so excited to have found this place, and they have agreed to give us a great deal of €875 /month. This is only €100 more than a bare house would be, and sooooo much better! But looking at overall progress, I'm positive that we'll get it all done in the next 6 weeks. But still..... a lot to be done

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