Monday, May 3, 2010

Visiting family

This trip has been a little different than previous ones, in that we have spent a lot more one-on-one time with family members. It's really nice to get to know everybody again, on a personal level. Previously we would have 1 big party, with the whole family, so you end up only talking to everyone for 5 minutes. We have been staying with one of my cousins (Sander) and his family for the past few days. I really didn't know his wife Juliette, or his kids. So I feel much more connected to my Dutch family now.

Today we were able to visit my Tante Siegried. She is a wonderful inspirational woman. She was really my grandma, but she was my grandpa's 2nd wife, and much younger, so she didn't want to be called oma.

My sisters and I also got some very important shopping time in. We hit the H&M (0f course). Somehow I've gotten into a boring clothing rut the past few years. I always want to buy something different and colorful, but end up leaving the store with plain t-shirts, in plain colors. My main objective today, was to try on shirts that I would normally never try on. I picked those that I thought were an ugly color, or a strange design. Sometimes those with strange designs actually look good. Through my strategy, I found a dress that I absolutely love. It's a strange bright yellow/green color. It's also a little too short for a dress, so I'll hem it up, and turn it into a shirt.

The Dutch weather caught up with us again. The first week we were here, it was unusually warm and sunny. 70 degrees almost every day. Today, it was only 45, windy, and rainy. That's what I expected. (but I'm very grateful for the nice warm week!) The rain made me think back to all those time I would get soaked riding my bike in high school. That will take some getting used to again....

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