Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cowboy Stadium

Sterling did so well in Accelerated Reading (AR) this year, that he and 29 other students from Leonard Elementary got to tour the new Cowboy Stadium. And parents were allowed to come too. Not being a big football fan, I almost felt guilty taking up a spot on the tour. It was still a very interesting tour. The figures blew my mind. Like the video screen above the field cost $40 million. The statue of Liberty would fit in the stadium in its entirety, and not touch the roof. The stadium has over 800 concession stands (where they sell $5.50 hot dogs). There are 80,000 seats, and up to 120,000 seats when the superbowl comes there next year. Sterling's favorite part of the day was playing on the field. Mine was spending time with Sterling and the other moms.


Nancy Sabina said...

Those are some pretty mind blowing stats!

Majo said...

Leuk joh, voor Sterling vooral.

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