Monday, May 6, 2013


Joe sent me to the hardware store to pick up some paint, and they had chicks for sale. I bought 10 chicks. (That's what husbands get for sending their wives to the hardware store)
Now that we are planning to stay in this house, I can finally get my chickens again. I've missed my girls ever since we left the Texas farm almost 3 years ago! They had a great variety, and I wanted to get a bunch of different kinds. Here's what I got

1 Silver Laced
2 Golden Sex-link
2 Black Sex-link
3 Americauna, these girls lay green eggs, which is why I got more than one of these
1 Brown Leghorn - the only kind that lays white eggs
1 Rhode Island Red

 Of course it will take about 5 months before we'll see any eggs at all, but chicks are fun too!

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