Thursday, May 9, 2013

Chicken Coop

Our new chickens will need a place to live, so I am building them a super deluxe chicken coop. I found an amazing looking plan on The Daisy plan can house up to 12 chickens
 When we lived in Texas I just converted a garden shed without much thought into layout or design. I built some nesting boxes that were sub-standard, and it was difficult to clean out. The chickens rooster everywhere, and therefore pooped everywhere too. So when I was searching for a set of plan, my main criteria was 'easy to clean'. Also, I want this coop to be attractive, as we are living in a suburban neighborhood, and not in the middle of nowhere boonie land.

A few nights ago I set off to Home Depot with a long list of supplies.
Joe joked that this coop will be built as good as our house. That sounds good to me! Yesterday was a crazy busy day so I couldn't start, but today Earl is staying with us, so it seemed like the perfect time to get started. Dad played with Miles while I measured and cut all the 2x4's for the floor and wall framing. Then I built the floor all by myself, and was feeling all proud of myself.
Then dad helped me build the end walls. It's amazing how much faster the second one went.
The next step was attaching the floor to the leg posts, which is definitely a (at least) 2 man job.  (notice the temporary housing for the chicks, the former rabbit hutch)
My least favorite part took a long time: getting the site prepped. We needed to dig holes for the concrete piers, get it all leveled and spread out right. Of course we ran into sprinkler lines.
After some digging, and planning to re-route the sprinkler lines, we were finally ready to place the frame on the piers.
And that's when we called it a day. A good day of hard manual labor.

Oh, and no, the house isn't officially ours yet.... we hope to close June 15th.


Nancy Sabina said...

Awesome! I love that you put dad to work as the babysitter (well, Grandpa) instead of handyman. More power to ya!

Majo said...

That's not a chicken coop ... it's a first class chicken hotel :D

angela michelle said...

Fun for you to finally be able to start nesting. (Figuratively and literally!)

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