Tuesday, October 30, 2012


As I live through different phases throughout my life, priorities change. With priorities I mean what do I spend my time doing the most, and which things dictate my schedule. It has a lot to do with the age of my kids at the time. Are they all in school, or just some of them? Do I need to bring in extra income for the family? Are we trying to sell a home?

My current normal includes a schedule that revolves for a large part on the gym's class schedule. That might sound shallow and unimportant, but getting exercise is what keeps me going. After getting the older kids off to school, Miles and I will hang out for a bit, and then go to the gym. Sometimes the classes are right during Miles' preferred nap time. However, he still plays happily, and then takes an extra good nap after we get back.

This priority means that cleaning is further down the list. As well as grocery shopping. And sewing or photography, or other hobbies. Because somehow exercise seems to eat through my entire morning. And when the afternoon comes I'm tired. But I'm okay with that. The house is still clean, maybe just not sale-worthy. But who am I trying to impress anyways?

Since the Dance Trance lady has moved on to her own studio and my half-marathon is over, my schedule had to adapt a bit. It actually gave me the chance to try out some new things and bring some variety. The following has been keeping me happy in the past few weeks:

Monday: Short run & Power Yoga
Tuesday: Zumba & Pilates
Wednesday: Medium run (4-7 miles)
Thursday: Group Power - weight lifting
Friday: Group Kick - Taebo type kick boxing
Saturday: Snowboarding conditioning or Zumba

Somehow my long run got lost in this new schedule. It's just kind of boring and really hard to keep motivated without a planned race coming up.

Miles loves all the ladies at the gym's daycare, and loves playing with all their new and exciting toys. I guess he doesn't know any different, since he's been going since he was 12 weeks old.

Disclaimer: I rarely work out all 6 days. More commonly 5 times a week.

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