Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Not perfect yet...

The best thing has happened and we've pretty much got 2 job offers (we don't know how good yet). HOWEVER.... now the hard part is deciding which option is the best for our family

Option 1: University facilities manager.
positives: stability, great benefits
negatives: stay in Facilities field, limited opportunity for salary raise

Option 2: Consultant company
positives: potential to make a lot of money, Joe loves consulting and would love to make a career switch, work from home 2-3 days a week
negatives: risk making very little money the first year, high working hours (60), no benefits whatsoever,

So that's what we have to figure out in a nutshell. It's so difficult! The normal Jessica wants to just go with UofU and have that security. But I also realize that IF Joe is successful with the consulting, he'll be much happier there in the long run.


Wendy said...

Im so glad you have two options. make a decision and then pray about it. If its wrong, you'll know.

Maddy S said...

Why IF? I think the "if" should not be in caps. He will succeed. He's smart and works well with people. But why no benefits at all? Maybe that's how it is with consultants, I don't know enough about it?

Jessica said...

Maddy, you're right. He is very smart and good with people. There is no telling when he'll have a full workload, or how much each of his contracts will be worth.

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