Sunday, December 11, 2011

In my perfect world

In my perfect world the following 3 weeks look as following:
  • Wednesday Joe gets 2 job offers. We pick the best one for our family.
  • Next weekend Joe goes back up to Midway to look at a few rental properties. We find a great house, through networking with our friends, and rent it.
  • December 19th Joe flies back to Texas and spends a week of vacation with me and the kids.
  • We celebrate Christmas in Texas.
  • A few days after Christmas we load up a moving truck, and drive to Utah.
  • We celebrate New Year's Eve in our new rental home.
  • January 3rd the kids start their new school in Midway, and Joe starts his new job.
I can visualize all of these great things happening!! Until the job offers come in, all we can do is wait and hope and pray. Pray with us!


Maddy S said...

Will do. Hope all works out perfectly indeed. You guys deserve it!

Wendy said...

Already working on the prayer thing!

Lisa said...

I hope everything works out for you guys! I'm excited to meet you and your kids. If you need me to check out some of the rental homes I'd be happy to. Or if you want to know if they are in our ward boundaries - I'm here for you. : ) Lisa Calderwood

Debbie and Boys said...

Hi Girl! Wendy's sis in law here. Remember me? I have a feeling I could have a really good, long chat on the phone with you. We're starting down a very similar path that you started when you left for Holland. We start grad school soon and I'll work a little because my kids will be in school. I wish you the best of luck and am excited to see what you guys make of your lives in the next few years. Good Luck!

Jessica said...

Lisa- thank you so much! I'm trying to get Joe up there this weekend to look at rental houses, but if we can't find anything suitable, I might just take you up on your offer. And if you see any "for rent" signs or know anybody who knows somebody who is renting something, that would be awesome too!

Debbie- Yes, of course I remember. Call me anytime. Message me on facebook, and I'll send you my phone number

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