Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Young Women

I just got called as a counselor in the Young Women's. This is something I've looked forward to doing for years now, but it's also scary. These young (12 year old) ladies have some crucial years ahead of them. The next few years will most likely determine whether they follow the masses in high school, or if they build their testimonies and become strong examples. That's a lot of responsibility to have! We had our first activity tonight, making little spiritual valentines for the ward. The YW president is so amazing in how she speaks to these girls. I truly hope and pray to know the right words to say at the right time.

Since Joe was still at school (as always), the kids had to come with me. It was fun to watch Winter ride her bike, and do some of the same silly things I did as a kid. Ride without hands. Pretend to be running or flying while biking. Sit on the baggage carrier on the back of the bike. Sterling is also slowly gaining confidence with his riding. Just a few days ago I convinced him, he COULD ride with one hand only. After showing how to practice, that's all he has done since.

Carlo had vacation, so he made the trip out west. It was really fun to see him again, and to spend some more time with him. We drove down to the zoo in Rotterdam, and just let the kids set the pace. It's so easy to always tell them what else is cool, or to hurry, or go slower. I really made it a point to go with their flow. If they wanted to spend 30 minutes in the bat cave, fine!

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Nancy Sabina said...

I'm in YW, too. I feel the same way about the huge responsibility that every word you say to them is.

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