Saturday, February 5, 2011

Don't blow away

Saturdays can be a challenge for me. It's the one day the kids are home, so of course I want to do something fun with them. And it's also the only that that Joe is home, and studying. Instinctively it's also a day that I want to do something out of the ordinary and fun.

Today I started off with going to the gym for zumba. Except zumba was cancelled, so I did spinning instead. I usually like spinning classes, but here in Holland I spend so much time on my bike already, that biking for another hour just doesn't sound too appealing. These last days have been especially challenging on the bike. There have been constant 35 mile/hour winds that just blow you over. When it's a headwind, you might as well stand up on the pedals, and still only go as fast as a pedestrian. When it unsuspectedly comes from the side, you might get blown into the sidewalk, or worse, the canal. You also have to keep your head down to keep your hat from flying off your head.

After my workout, we had lunch together as a family. Just sandwiches, but it's so fun for me. All the different varieties of toppings. 6 types of cheeses, several kinds of meats, and about 10 types of sweet toppings.

This afternoon my dad took us to the petting zoo down the street. It made me miss our little farm, especially my beloved chickens!


Bea said...

Dikke pret gehad op de kinderboerderij zo te zien. Leuk hoor.

Catherine M. said...

Missing missing missing missing missing you five

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