Sunday, November 15, 2009

Together Forever

The Primary children have worked hard all year on their yearly program. They've sung the same songs, and practiced their parts. This years' theme was "the Family can be together forever". Temples play a large role in eternal families. It's in temples that our families are sealed together through sacred ordinances. We are lucky enough to have a temple relatively close by, in Dallas. In order to help the kids understand the importance of temples, the primary planned a trip for a visit.

In the foyer, the temple president told them a great story, a sort of parable. There was a man who got to the door of heaven. It required a key, but when the man turned the key, the door would not open. God came to the man and asked: "Do you want to be here alone? Don't you want your wife and children to join you?" The man answered: No, I would not be happy without them". God said "Go get them, and their keys". The man got his wife and children, and after they all turned their keys, the door would still not open. God came back again, and asked the man: "Would you be happy here without your parents, uncles, and cousins? "No", said the man. God answered: "Go get them, and their keys". The man gathered his parents, and after they turned their keys, the door would still not open. God asked him: "Would you be happy without your great grandparents, and all your ancestors? Would you be happy if any of your family members were missing?". The man came back with all his family, and after everyone turned their keys, there was still one empty key hole. The man was confused and asked God who possesses the key for that last hole. God explained that the last key belonged to Jesus Christ. Without Him we can't make it into heaven, and wouldn't be happy without Him there. Heavenly Father has given us the great gift of Repentance and Forgiveness, to give us all the chance to live with Him in heaven. The temple will help us to gather all our ancestors. When we do work in the temple, we are bringing our families together, so we can be happy together in Heaven.

Today's primary program was a great success. The children all sang great, and recited their lines. Even Ginger had memorized her line. I know that God loves us, and has given us the Gospel to learn his will. I know that we can do the work in temples to "gather" our ancestors, so we can all live together forever as families. I am so thankful for the opportunity Joe and I had to be sealed together in the temple by his grandfather Bill B. It gives me comfort to know that my children are sealed to me, and that we can be a family together forever.

My friend Renee is quickly becoming an avid photographer. Her mom bought her a fancy new camera, but she's still learning to use it. I was happy to capture this moment of pure concentration.

The temple is about an hour away, so Dee and her girls carpooled with us. On the way down, this truck with 2 shady looking Hispanic men just kept pulling up next to us. They would look over and smile. Crazy Dee would turn to them and smile and wave back. It's a good thing we were in the HOV lane, or they might have followed us home and I might not be sitting here right now.

On the way home, we spotted a huge buck and some other deer in a field. We made a quick u-turn to capture his magnificence. Unfortunately I didn't have my telephoto lens with me, so this picture is low in quality, but it still shows his rack.


Majo said...

Fijn dat het zo'n speciale ervaring was voor de jeugdwerkkinderen en jullie als begeleiders. En ook gezellig, zo'n uitje!
Ons KPA-programma wordt pas in december gedaan; het is een maandje uitgesteld. Omdat ik sinds vorige week lerares in het JW ben, mag ik ook meedoen :)

Renée Campbell said...

Oh my goodness! I had no idea you took that shot!!

Renée Campbell said...

What a great read about Temples, you put it perfectly~

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