Monday, November 16, 2009

Holiday Traditions

Holland and America have different traditions and holidays. Moving to the US, I lost some holidays, but also gained a bunch. Joe mentioned how weird it would be to move to a foreign country and loose holidays. It wasn't necessarily weird to me. A little sad maybe, but not weird. The one thing that IS weird, is to celebrate a holiday in a totally different way.

Take, for example, New Years. Growing up, New Years was always the biggest, funnest holiday. We got to stay up all night, party with friends and family, and of course the hightlight: set off fireworks. My parents banned me from setting it off, for the risk of loosing a finger or two. So even though I personally didn't (hardly ever) set off fireworks, all my friends did. Along with the rest of the country. In fact, so many fireworks were purchased, it would often take 2-3 hours to just light it all. Also, the next morning, the streets looked more like red rivers. Most fireworks are made in China, and wrapped in red paper. Bottles, boxes, and other litters is also strewn in the streets.

New Year's doesn't seem that big a deal here at all. Of the 11 New Years I have celebrated here, only the ones I have planned parties for, resembled anything from my youth. The major obstacle is the law that bans individuals from setting off fireworks in the city. A fireworks show is just not the same! We have been lucky enough the past 2 years to live out in the country. We never buy a bunch, but it's still fun to set some off.

I was curious to see what the laws are for Fireworks here in Texas. I found a good article on Ehow. My favorite part is:

"County Property is usually located on roads that begin with "CR" or "county road". You can stop your vehicle, and legally shoot fireworks on most county roads."

Seems dangerous! People stopping on the side of the road to shoot off fireworks! We just happen to live on a County Road. So anyone can stop in front of our property and launch fireworks?? What about all the ashes and trash was will blow onto our property??? I invite everyone to just come join our party, and launch them off our dock instead!


Wendy said...

wish I could come celebrate new years with you!!!

Amber said...

I have always wondered about the holiday differences. I have been thinking a lot about that lately as Jill and her family experience holidays this year in a different culture. I think it would be a blast to celebrate holidays differently, or different holidays altogether. As long as there is celebrating, I'm in!

skideewink said...
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Nancy Sabina said...

New Year's at your house is always memorable!

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