Friday, April 12, 2013


When you have a husband like Joe, and he comes home with a stack of metal tubes with the announcement: "I'm building a trailer in the next 3 weeks", you should believe him. Cause that's exactly what Joe did. One day we were talking about our upcoming camping trip to Moab, and the next day he had purchases a bunch of steel for the frame.

Joe is a very precise and meticulous worker. Especially when it comes to building things. In case of building a trailer, this is a very desired attribute. When you are quickly trying to fix up a house, it is not. (aka, until he can envision perfection, nothing gets done) After many measurements, he made the bottom frame. It was looking kind of bare without the tires.
Ginger helped with the welding
Expanded metal mesh for the bottom and sides

The first time we tested the trailer, was on the 4 hour drive down to Moab. It drove nearly perfectly, although it does need some shocks.

Pretty impressive right?

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Majo said...

Pretty impressive indeed!

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