Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Day 2: Disney Hollywood Studios

From the days we lived in Florida, I remember going to Hollywood Studios after work the most. Hollywood has more attractions for teenagers so it was a good progression from the Magic Kingdom. 

It was cold and rainy this day, but luckily we were able to go back to the hotel around lunch time to get more jackets and sweaters. Staying on-site definitely is an advantage because you can go into the park early, and easily go back to your room if necessary. The upside of the colder weather was that many visitors left the park early. 
We brought a bunch of snacks so we wouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for food at the resorts. Since we would be staying at the resort hotels and spend all day in the parks it didn’t make sense to rent a car, so we just took a taxi. That also meant we couldn’t really go to a grocery store, so half our suitcases were full of snacks. We just got one meal per day and that worked out well  

Demi is de grootste fan van Minnie
Hollywood studio’s has Star Wars attractions. I still haven’t watched any of the movies, but Joe and the kids all love it, and of course the set designs are very well made so it was fun for me too  

We had been in line for over an hour for one of the Star Wars attractions, when it shut down. Perfect time for a nap! 


The love show for Beauty and the Beast is always one of my favorites.

Sing along for frozen!


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